Soul Fantasy

Friday, July 18, 2014

Gayle Smith - Hey Little Girl

I decided to present another obscure record 45". It is a special song which reminds me of jazz standard songs. However it is an original song which was written by Gael Smith in the late 70s. He performed under the name Gayle Smith. His real name is Gael Gorman Smith and was born in 1946.
He released a single "Hey Little Girl" on Tama Records in 1979. It was recorded at T.J.Productions, San Antonio, Texas. Arranged by Mike Feliciano.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bama - Touch Me When We're Dancing 1979 Lp

I saw it for the first time on ebay several years ago. However I had the opportunity to buy this record in Athens. In fact this album is not soul. It was influenced from AOR and pop music.
Bama was a studio group from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The members of the group were Terry Skinner, Ken Bell and Jerry Lee Wallace. All of theses guys were songwriters on Welk Music Group. They released one and only album in 1979 on RCA/Free Flight Records. It was recorded at East Avalon Recorders, Inc, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The self titled song "Touch Me When We're Dancing" was released as a single on the same label. The same song was also recorded by Carpenters in 1981.
The album was produced by Jim Vienneau and Bama. I have chosen two songs. The first song was named "Summer Nights (Are Made For Making Love)" and the other "Touch Me When We're Dancing". Both songs were penned by themselves.

I want to mention that the members of the group Bama penned several songs for other artists or bands especially in country music.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

DiDi Anthony - Makin Love 1981

I have the pleasure to present an extremerly rare record 45". It was released on Starborn Records in 1981. Three years ago, I had the opportunity to present another rare record 45" on the same label by Robert Jason. DiDi Anthony is an unknown singer. I tried to find information for DiDi Anthony but it was very difficult.  As it seems, she collaborated with Robert Jason and Brian Ross.  Robert Jason was co-writer and arranger. Brian Ross who was also the producer of the Robert Jason record on the same period did the production. The vinyl includes two songs entitled "Makin Love / Cry Like A Baby".
I have chosen a great mellow song entitled "Makin Love". The lyrics were penned by Lorri Marlow and the music by Robert Jason.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sherill & Dee - Things Have Changed 1974

This record is an ultra rare vinyl which was released probably in 1974 on MS Records. The label was formed by Marjorie Schuck. Marjorie Schuck was owner and operated Valkyrie Press and she is editor and publisher of the poetry magazine Poetry Velture. Manager of the label was Tony Lawrence.
Sherill and Dee are Sherill Tomes and Dee Dibble. They along with Tony Lawrence rehearsed and recorded twice in recording sessions at Titan Sound Studio in Largo. The tapes were sent to California where they were pressed. It was released as a single entitled "Ain't That A Laugh / Things Have Changed" on MS Records. I chose the song "Things Have Changed". It was penned by Sherill Tomes & Tony Lawrence.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Roadway Band - One To Many

The last five years, this record has been sold only two times on ebay. I was fortunate to buy one of them.
Roadway Band was probably formed by the drummer and producer Bobby Cohen from South Carolina. He was owner of the label Cohen Records. Probably the singer of the group is Kathy Hawkins who wrote the song "One To Many". The other song "Break Music" was written by Ray Jackson. Both songs were recorded at Sandcastle Recording Studio in Greenville South Carolina.

In 2009 Kathy Hawkins collaborated with legendary Clarence Carter. Both appeared at Harrah's Tunica Event Center. The next year she released an album CD under the name "Kathy Sings" on Cee Gee Entertainment.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

ShowBand USA - Una Linda Senorita 1982 Lp

I saw this album for the first time in 2006. The vinyl is an ultra rare. However the fans of music can find the songs for the digital downloading easily. In fact this album is tejano music. Tejano music was born in Texas. Although it has influences from Mexico and other Latin American countries, the main influences are American. This music genre has various categories of music and bands. Three major categories are Conjunto, Orchestra and Modern.
ShowBand USA is a representative of Tejano music. The band was formed in the 70s. They have released many albums until nowadays. This album was released in 1982 on Hacienda Records. It was recorded at Hacienda Recording Studios, Corpus Christi Texas. At that time, the members of the group were Robert Garcia on keyboards and vocals, Paul Garcia on vocals, Joseph De La Cerda on sax, percussion, synthesizer, Faustino Saenz on sax, Omar Ruiz and Roel De la Paz on trumpet, Israel Cantu on guitar, Rene Munoz on bass, Hector Gutierrez on keyboards, Richard Florez on drums and percussion.
All the lyrics are in spanish. Except for the songs "Let Me Down Easy" and "The Fire I Feel" which I will present. Both songs were written by Robert Garcia. Produced by Arnold Garcia and Robert Garcia.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dorothy Moore ‎– Once More With Feeling 1978 Lp

I'm sorry for the delay. I was very busy. I had the opportunity to present Dorothy Moore and the single "Talk To Me-Every Beat Of My Heart / Lonelyabout five years ago. In my opinion Dorothy Moore deserved more recognition because she has recorded excellent songs in her career. I often hear some of them during the free hours of the day. I want to note that one of the best albums of Dorothy Moore is the album of 1978, called "Once More With Feeling". I suggest that everyone buy this record. It is worthy to have it in your personal collection.
It was released on Malaco Records and includes some brilliant songs. Participated Don Barrett on bass, James Stroud on drums, Dino Zimmerman and Fred Knobloch on guitars, Carson Whitsett on keyboards. Backing vocals by Jeanette Williams, Jewel Bass, Kathy Young, Donna Rhodes, Charles Chalmers and Sandra Rhodes. Arranged by Charles Chalmers, Mickey Davis and Mike Lewis. Produced by James Stroud, Tommy Cough and Wolf Stephenson.
I have chosen four (4) tracks entitled "Special Occasion", "What Am I To Do", "Girl Overboard" and "(We Need More) Loving Time".
"Special Occasion" was penned by Sam Dees. The same song was recorded in the same year by Bill Brandon.

The song "Girl Overboard" was penned by Frederick Knight and Sam Dees.

The song "(We Need More) Loving Time" was also recorded in 1980 by The Dramatics.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Monday, April 28, 2014

Bob Anderson - I'd Love Making Love To You

Bob Anderson is a great singer, actor and entertainer. He started a genre in show business that became one of the most popular forms of entertainment on stage today. Merv Griffin, the well known talk show host discovered Bob’s unique talent one evening at his Hollywood Hills home and decided to introduce him to the world on the next taping of his TV show from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Griffin introduced Bob as “The Singing Impressionist”. The audience response to his performance was overwhelming. Griffin brought the young performer back for a second appearance and the response was the same.
Soon after that appearance he became a regular on the TV talk show circuit performing over 100 national TV shows including; HBO, Showtime, Regis, David Letterman, and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson where Bob again received such a grand audience response on his Tuesday appearance that Johnny invited him back just two days later for another appearance on Thursday. Bob is the only entertainer to ever appear on the Tonight show twice in the same week. Bob in all made seven tonight show appearances and became Johnny Carson’s opening act for a number of his Las Vegas engagements.
With all this acclaim the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas signed Bob to perform at the world famous Top of the Dunes for a two week engagement that turned into 156 weeks of sold out shows. He remained at the Dunes nightly for another twelve years. What can I say more for this great talent ?
After his long and distinguished career in the intimate room at the Top of the Dunes, Bob moved into the “main room” of other hotels on the Strip, sharing the marquee with the biggest names in show business: George Burns, Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, Dom De Luise, Red Skelton, Nancy Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Shirley Bassey, Shirley Mac Laine, Johnny Carson, Don Rickles,and many others. Bob Anderson became a Las Vegas Headliner and managed to work every major hotel on the Vegas strip as well as Lake Tahoe, Reno and Atlantic City.
Bob Anderson except for major hotels, sang and recorded in the studio. He signed with Rap-City Records. He released for the label two singles entitled "Love Woke Me Up This Morning / I'd Love Making Love To You" and "Brother, Where Are You ? / She Didn't Tell Me She Was Married" respectively.

From the first single I chose the song "I'd Love Making Love To You". This song was penned by Hod David. Original recording by Hot David and Marc Allen Trujillo in 1972.

You can also enjoy Bob Anderson.

More information concerning Bob Anderson and his last album entitled "To Love And Be Loved" you can see here.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full.